Environmental Forensics

2009 Research & Development Priorities:  Oil Spill Workshop

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 to Thursday, March 19, 2009


Oil spills frequently occur in industrialized areas where there are numerous sources of PAHs, beyond those resulting from the specific incident (e.g., runoff, pyrogenic sources, oily wastes, natural seeps). Chemical fingerprinting to determine the source and extent of oil resulting from an incident are important for clean-up, assessment, recovery monitoring, and associated liability issues. Research needs for this topic will focus on analytical and interpretive methods to advance existing approaches to chemical fingerprinting of spilled oil in
the environment.


Bob Haddad, Group Lead, bob.haddad@noaa.gov
Wayne Gronlund, wayne.r.gronlund@uscg.mil
Scott Stout, sstout@newfields.com
Mike Unger, munger@vims.edu
Alison Watts, alison.watts@unh.edu