NOS CONOPS Exercise - The Little Splash

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NOS CONOPS Exercise - The Little Splash

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

This event was sponsored by NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration, particularly the Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center.

This was a functional exercise, facilitated by CRRC and planned for 1-day in Silver Spring, MD, Charleston, SC and Chesapeake, VA.  Exercise play was limited to NOAA-primarily the program offices of the National Ocean Service (NOS).

Core Capabilities: Operational Communication, Operational Coordination, Planning, Risk and Disaster Resilience Assessment, and Situation Assessment.


  • Evaluate the ability of HSPO and the NOS to "stand up" a functional, incident-specific command center based on NIMS ICS principles as outlined in the CONOPS Plan.
  • Establish situational awareness and specific impacts at NOAA, based on best available informaion within two hours of decision to initiate the CONOPS Plan.
  • Develop command-level, incident-specific objectives and priorities and generate a complet ICS-201 Incident Breifing Package (within day 1 - before the exercise is complete).
  • Activate prescript FEMA mission asignments appropriate for the incident.
  • Evaluate knowledge, experience, and training relative to critical elements of emergency response management based on the NOAA CONOPS and NOS Roadmap activities.  The primary purpose of this exercise is to build experience for implementation of the CONOPS plan.
  • Test the Roadmap After-Action process proposed uner R.1.2.3.
  • Complete a full review process of the exercise and provide an After Action Report based ont he proposed information under R.1.2.3 of the NOS Roadmap.

Questions? Please contact Kathy Mandsager, Coastal Response Research Center 603.862.1545