Modelers' Summit

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Modelers' Summit

Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Durham, New Hampshire




Emergencies Science and Technology Division, Environment Canada
Carl E. Brown, Environment Canada

What Models are NOAA’s Assessment and Restoration Division Using?
Kate Clark, NOAA OR&R

NOAA OR&R Emergency Response Division
Debbie Payton, NOAA OR&R Emergency Response Division

State of the Art, The Future, Research Questions to be Addressed
Mark Reed, SINTEF

State-of-the-Art for Spill Modeling, Future of Spill Modeling, Research Questions for Spill Modeling
Deborah French-McCay, Applied Science Associates, Inc.

Michael Boufadel, Temple Universit

Comprehensive and Fully Integrated Research Program
Temitope O. Ojo, SERF (Shoreline Environmental Research Facility),Texas A&M University

Spill Modeling Applications for ExxonMobil
Wolfgang J. Konkel, ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences

Effective Flow Visualization (NOT Modeling)
Colin Ware, VisLab Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping, UNH


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