NRDA in Arctic Waters: The Dialogue Begins

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NRDA in Arctic Waters: The Dialogue Begins

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 to Thursday, April 22, 2010
Anchorage, Alaska

Co-sponsored with Alaska's Oil Spill Response Institute (OSRI)

Workshop Final Report  Here>>

Meeting Goal

The immediate goal of this workshop is to initiate a dialogue among NRDA practitioners and Arctic scientists that will identify the most significant data gaps in our understanding of the ecologies of resources potentially at risk from oil released into Alaskan Arctic waters, including fate and exposure pathways. Overview >>

Overview of Workshop Outcomes here>>






Welcome & Introductions (Nancy E. Kinner & Amy A. Merten, Co-Directors, CRRC)

Background & Workshop Goals (Mary Baker, NOAA ARD)

Workshop Structure, Logistics & Outcomes (Jon Hockman, OLA Consulting)

Overview of NRDA Process (Gordon Robilliard, ENTRIX)

NRDA: An Economist's Perspective (Norman Meade, NOAA ARD)

Ice Primer/Overview (Christian Petrich, University of Alaska, Fairbanks)

Scenario: Open Water (Jacqui Michel, Research Planning, Inc.)

Scenario: Under Ice (Mike Bronson, BP)

Scenario: Broken Ice (Ken Lee, Fisheries & Ocean Canada)

Plenary Session: Restoration Panel Discussion

Restoration: fish, fish habitat, human services (Erika Ammann)

Restoration: arctic revegetation, habitat (Steve McKendrick)

Restoration: birds, marine mammals (Jenifer Kohout)

Workshop Resources

Discussion Questions

Pre-Reading Materials

Coastal & Aquatic Habitats & Species Reading Resource

Additional Resources

Estimates of Oil Spill Dispersion Extent in the Nearshore alaskan Beaufort Sea Based on In-Situ Oceanographic Measurements (2007) Seth Danielson, Thomas Weingartner, Institute of Marine Science, University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

North Slope Nearshore and Offshore Breakup Study Literature Search and Analysis of Conditions and Dates (2007) Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

SINTEF Report: Joint Industry Program on Oil Spill Contingency for Arctic and Ice-Sovered Waters (2010)

Alaska North Slope Borough; Department of Wildlife Management

Alaska Ocean Observing System

International Oil & Ice Workshop, Anchorage, October 10-11, 2007

Institute of Marine Science: the Alaskan Beaufort Slope: SCICEX-99

Institue of Marine Science: Research Data Archives

U.S. Minerals Management Service

cANIMIDA Data Management Platform (U.S.MMS)

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):

NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, Barrow Alaska Observatory

NOAA National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Cetacean Assessment & Ecology Program

Empirical Weathering Properties of Oil in Ice and Snow (2008) US MMS

Working Organizing Committee

Mike Amman, Chevron
Mary Baker, NOAA,
Catherine Berg, US FWS,
Nancy Bird, OSRI
Dale Gardner, Alaska DEC
Nancy Kinner, CRRC
Ken Lee, Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Amy Merten, NOAA

Jacqui Michel, RPI
W. Scott Pegau, OSRI
Jeep Rice, NOAA
Gordon Robilliard, ENTRIX
Cheryl Rosa, North Slope/USARC
Jennifer Schorr, Alaska Attorney General Ofc
Mead Treadwell, USARC


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