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The Coastal Response Research Center (CRRC) was established as a partnership between the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), through the Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R) and the University of New Hampshire (UNH) in 2004.

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The Center for Spills and Environmental Hazards (CSE) is a University center that expands the scope of interaction and cooperation with the private sector, other government agencies and universities.


The Centers are administered by, and located at, the UNH campus in Durham, NH.  Both centers are affiliated with the UNH School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering (SMSOE). Center one-pager here>>



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Core Area 2 - Fate of Oil and Weathering, November 16-20, 2020.


On March 17th, the White House informed USARC Commissioners and staff that President Biden designated David Kennedy as Chair of the USARC effective March 3, 2021. Kennedy succeeds Jon Harrison as Chair, and both continue to serve on the commission. David M. Kennedy’s bio


There is a greater probability of more frequent and/or larger oil spills in the Arctic region due to increased maritime shipping and natural resource development. Accordingly, there is an increasing need for effective spilled-oil computer modeling to help emergency oil spill response decision makers, especially in waters where sea ice is present.  Read more via the publication in the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 2021, 9, 201.

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In honor of Pete Peterson and Pete Hagen, a scholarship has been established to support students that demonstrate excellence in improving our understanding of factors important to recovery from oil spills in Alaskan waters. 

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