CRRC Advisory Board

The UNH Vice Provost for Research will receive, from time to time, input from the CRRC's Board of Advisors about programmatic direction and function. The Board, acting by consensus, will make recommendations on:

  • a. CRRC's general policies, research themes, and priorities;
  • b. Evaluations of CRRC programs and activities, including the budget;
  • c. Promoting cooperation between NOAA and UNH;
  • d. Ensuring maintenance of high scientific professional standards; and
  • e. Developing partnerships with public and private sectors, including other academic institutions.

2020-2022 Advisory Board

  • Yvonne Addassi (retiring June 2023)
    California Dept. of Fish & Game
    Oil Spill and Prevention Response
  • Robyn Conmy
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    ORD / NRMRL / Land Remediation Pollution Control Division
  • Greg DeMarco
    ExxonMobil, Global Oil Spill Response Manager
  • Lisa DiPinto
    NOAA OR&R, Senior Scientist
  • Captain Alonzo
    United States Coast Guard Marine Emergency Response
  • Scott Lundgren
  • Marian McCord
    Senior Vice Provost for Research, Economic Engagement, and Outreach (UNH)
  • Erik Chapman
    Director, Marine Program (UNH)

Ex Officio Members

  • Nancy Kinner
    Co-Director, Coastal Response Research Center (UNH)
  • Troy Baker
    Co-Director, Coastal Response Research Center (NOAA)
  • Andrew Armstrong
    Co-Director, Joint Hydrographic Center (NOAA)
  • Larry Mayer
    Co-Director, Joint Hydrographic Center (UNH)