Long-Term Data Management Working Groups

Diagram of Data Management Overview
flowchart of integrating data access to address and environmental disaster

GROUP:  Data Standard Working Group

Leads: Jessica Henkel, RESTORE & Nicolas Eckhardt, NOAA

GROUP:  Interoperability Working Group

Leads: Jay Coady, NOAA & Kyle Wilcox, Axiom (Sandra Ellis, GRIIDC) 

GROUP:  Discovery/Searchability Working Group

Leads: William Nichols, Harte Research Institute & Mike Peccini, NOAA

If interested please contact Kathy Mandsager

  • Howard Trough Named In Honor Of Late Texas A&M Oceanography Researcher Matthew K. Howard Read more here>>

  • On behalf of NOAA ORR and the Spatial Data Branch, the Coastal Response Research Center (CRRC) is pleased to share the workshop report from the December 2018 workshop held at NOAA’s Disaster Response Center in Mobile, AL.