NRPT Scoping Workshop

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NRPT Scoping Workshop

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 to Thursday, February 20, 2020
Mobile, AL

This workshop is sponsored by NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R), Disaster Preparedness Program (DPP) and particularly the Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center in cooperation with the Coastal Response Research Center.

Goal: This workshop will scope out in greater detail potential future NRPT topics:

Managing long-term response & recovery

How do we cope with impacts to our people and mission from long-term events?  How might long-term events limit our ability to perform our mission?  How do we recover?  How do we aid in recovery?

Managing communications

How do we improve communication both internally and externally (to partners and stakeholders) during a disaster?  What are the impacts to our communications (including IT) during and after a disaster?  How do we communicate better?

Improving coordination & capabilities

How do we better understand the risks/threats to our people and mission?  How do we better understand what others are doing and how it may impact us?  How do we best train our people to support our mission related to disaster response?  How can we learn from each other and from lessons from previous events/experience?


Welcome & Logistics, Nancy Kinner Coastal Response Research Center

Overview of Past NRPT Workshops, Nancy Kinner

Overview of Survey Results, Jessica White, NOAA OR&R Disaster Preparedness Program

Overview and Challenges: Managing Long-Term Response and Recovery

Steve Lehmann, NOAA OR&R Emergency Response Division, SSC

Audra Luscher, NOAA COOPS  and Autumn Lotze, NOAA OR&R Disaster Preparedness Program

Overview and Challenges: Managing Communications

Brady Phillips, NOAA Communications

Jonathan Gordon, NOAA ONMS

Meeting Notes:

Breakout Group A: Managing Long-Term Response & Recovery

Breakout Group B: Managing Communications

Breakout Group C: Improving Coordination

Final Plenary Session: The Path Forward

Detailed notes of all workshop plenaries


Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center
7344 Zeigler Boulevard
Mobile, Alabama 36608
Phone: (251) 544-5006

Agenda: here>>

Participants: here>> (updated post-workshop)

Lodging: travel packet


Steering Committee Members:

Jessica White, NOAA GOM DRC

Nancy Kinner, CRRC

Caitlin Wessel, NOAA MDD

Jennifer Day, NOAA OAR




Questions? Please contact Kathy Mandsager.