ADAC Arctic Spill Modeling (AMSM)

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ADAC Arctic Spill Modeling (AMSM)

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 to Thursday, December 5, 2019
Anchorage, Alaska

Oil Spill Modeling for Improved Response to Arctic Maritime Spills: The Path Forward

The Workshop Report is available here>>


The Arctic region is projected to experience an increase in maritime shipping and natural resource development. As a result, the probability of more and larger spills, particularly of petroleum, is increasing the need for response-relevant computer modeling. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Response & Restoration (ORR) provides scientific support (including modeling) to the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC) during oil spill response. This workshop provides a structured approach to gather expert advice in order to improve Arctic spill response and address USCG and FOSC core needs. 

Goals of this workshop:

The workshop will be a mix of presentations on the different models available for oil spill response in the Arctic by a range of spill and ice modeling experts. It will focus on critical elements associated with Arctic oil spill modeling such as oil fate and transport, subsea blowout modeling, and operational considerations. All discussions will be mindful of the ultimate goal of having useful oil spill response modeling for the Arctic that will inform decision-making during spills and will be conducted considering guidepost needs and questions developed by the project’s Core Advisory Team and key agency stakeholders. The outcome of the workshop will result in the formation of 3-4 Working Groups on key topics that need to be resolved to improve oil spill response modeling.

AMSM workshop participant group photo

Agenda here>>


AMSM Responders Needs and Questions: Arctic Oil Spill Models should address here>>

AMSM Needs, Questions and Goals (condensed) here>>


Workshop Overview and Goals, Nancy Kinner

Plenary: The Role of Oil Spill Models in Response

Captain MacKenzie, USCG

Crystal Smith, Alaska On-Scene Coordinator

Plenary: Overview of Arctic Spill Modeling Needs, Questions and Goals

Chris Barker, NOAA OR&R ERD

Plenary: Review of Existing Oil Spill Models


OILMAP and SIMAP - Debbie French McCay, RPS ASA

SINTEF Marine Environmental Modeling Workbench (MEMW) - CJ Beegle-Krause

OpenDrift/OpenOil - (presented by CJ Beegle-Krause) MET Norway

Canadian Oil Spill Modeling Suite (COSMoS) - Guillaume Marcotte, MET Canada

National Research Council Canada -Hossein Babaei

SPILLCALC - Aurelien Hospital, TetraTech

SPILLMOD - Sergei Zatsepa, GOIN, State Oceanographic Institute

MOHID - Haibo Niu,Dalhousie University

Blowout and Spill Occurence Model (BLOSOM) - Kelly Rose, DOE NETL

TAMOC Oil Spill Calculator - Scott Socolofsky, Texas A&M University

Plenary: Review of Existing Ice Models

HIOMASS - Jinlun Zhang, University of Washington

Environment Canada - Graigory Sutherland

NERSC - (presented by CJ Beegle-Krause)

MIKE 21/3 Oil Spill  - Mads Madsen, DHI

Non-Remote Sensing Integration

Naval Postgraduate School - Wieslaw Maslowski

Discrete Element Model for Sea Ice - Adrian Turner

SINMOD Coupled Ice Ocean Model - CJ Beegle-Krause

Regional Ocean Modeling System - Kate Hedstrom

Sea-Ice Simulator, version 2 - Robert Hallberg


Oil and Ice, Kelsey Frazier, UAA



University of Alaska Anchorage
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK, 99580

Campus map here>>

Parking instructions: If necessary, please park in Willow Visitor lot off of Bragaw Street near Gorsuch Commons.  This is a metered parking area and will cost $10/day.  It is highly recommended to park at Spring Hill Suites and use the shuttle to come to the workshop venue.

Our meeting room is in Gorsuch Commons (room 107) on the campus of UAA



SpringHill Suites Anchorage University Lake
4050 University Lake Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99508

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019
6:00 pm

Glacier Brewhouse
737 West 5th Ave, #110
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 274-2739

Participants (by invitation only): here>>


Planning Committee:

Nancy Kinner, CRRC

Sarah Allan, NOAA OR&R ARD

Chris Barker, NOAA OR&R ERD

MST1 Gary Barnum, USCG, PacArea MST1

CJ Beegle-Krause, SINTEF

Catherine Berg, NOAA OR&R ERD SSC

Rick Bernhardt, Alaska DEC

LT Omar Borges, USCG MER

Lisa DiPinto, NOAA OR&R

Amy MacFadyen, NOAA OR&R ERD

Guillaume Marcotte, Met Canada

Dr. Phillip McGillivary, USCG PacArea

Scott Socolofsky, Texas A&M University


Questions? Please contact Kathy Mandsager or ADAC Fellow Megan Verfaillie