NOAA Regional Preparedness and Training (NRPT) - Puerto Rico

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NOAA Regional Preparedness and Training (NRPT) - Puerto Rico

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 to Thursday, April 25, 2019
San Juan, Puerto Rico

This workshop is a partnership between NOAA's Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center and the Disaster Preparedness Program with the Coastal Response Research Center. 

NRPT Puerto Rico "Learning from the Past and Moving Forward: Response Challenges from Severe Weather or Tsunamis to Shared Trust Resources and Mission Responsibilities" Workshop Report


Workshop Overall Theme:

Learning from the Past and Moving Forward:  Response Challenges from Severe Weather or Tsunamis to Shared Trust Resources and Mission Responsibilities 

NRPT - Training Theme: 

What to Say and How to Say it Effectively:  Fundamentals of Risk Communication and the Use of Social and Traditional Media to Enhance Communications and Messaging before, during and after a Major Coastal Event 

Overall Objectives: 

1.  Participants gain additional knowledge and skills to enhance risk communications before and after a damaging or disastrous tropical cyclone or tsunami event. 

2.  NOAA staff and regional partners apply lessons learned from past events to future preparedness planning creating “disaster readiness” for the safety of staff, staff families, and shared trust resources and effective mission response and recovery activities.  The goal of preparedness planning is to build resilient local coastal communities on islands through gained knowledge, cross-agency and cross-regional coordination, and response/recovery planning and informed actions. 

Outcomes of the NRPT Workshop: 

1.  With adequate information and communicated knowledge, the public and the response community will make informed decisions relative to personal protection and safety.   

2.  With adequate information and effective communications, responders and natural resource managers are prepared for and respond effectively to mitigate disaster impacts.



U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
City View Plaza, Torre II
Suite 7000
48 Carretera 165
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Map here>>


Sheraton (for special pricing, please reference room block 'NRP')
200 Convention Blvd
San Juan, PR
1-866.932.7269 or 787.993.3500

Workshop Agenda: AGENDA (revised post-workshop)

Participant List here>> (revised post-workshop)

Workshop Presentations:

Welcome from our host (Carmen Guerrero, Director of the Caribbean Environmental Protection Division, EPA Region 2)

Welcome, Overview, Background of Workshop (Nancy Kinner, CRRC)

NOAA National Weather Sevice (Ernesto Rodriguez)

USCG Mission Response (CAPT Ricardo Alonso)

NOAA Caribbean Mission Response (Jennifer Koss)

NOAA Mission Response (Charlie Henry)

FEMA Mission Response (Jose Marchand)

DOI (Debbie Payton)

US EPA (Carlos Huertes-Hernandez, On-Scence Coordinator)

DNER (Ernesto Diaz)

PREMA (Carlos Irigoyen)

Tsunami Mission and Products/Protocols (Christa von Hllebrandt)

NTHMP Tsunami Information Guide

NOAA/NWS Pacific Tsunami User's Guide for Puerto Rico


NOAA/NWS-Weather and Forecast Products for Decision-Makers (Ernesto Morales)

Risk Communication (Carlos Irigoyen)

Social Media Tips (Mirelsa Modessti-Gonzalez) no presentation, exercise only

Training (day 3):

Tsunami Warning Communication Exercise (Christa von Hllebrandt & Carolina Hincopie)

Coastal Flooding Communication Exercise (Ernesto Rodriguez and Odalys Martinez)

Additional Resources:

Opinion - Those Hurricane Maps Don't Mean What You Think They Mean (New York Times, 8/29/2019) here>>

'There is Nothing Gained by the Second Kick of a Mule' and Failure to Prepare for Disasters, by Charlie Henry, NOAA ORR here>>  

National Ocean Service Continues to Provide Recovery Support in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico news here>>

The COMET Program is pleased to announce the publication of a new interactive lesson on MetEd titled, Leveraging Social Science to Improve Risk Communications.

Area Contingency Plan for Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands here>>

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Youtube Video Trailer for Los Ninos de Maria here>>

NWS Tsunami Warning Caribe Wave here>>

U.S. Tsunami Warning Center here>>

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National Hurricane Center information here>>

NOAA Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper here>>

Social Media and Disaster Communication Tips (Kate Starbird) here>>

NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program offers this course: Building Risk Communication Skills

Organizing Committee:

Charlie Henry, NOAA DRC

Nancy Kinner, CRRC

Christa Von Hillebrandt, NOAA

Roberto Garcia-Hiraldo, NOAA

Sean Griffin, NOAA

Jennifer Koss, NOAA

Lee Carrubba, NOAA


 Questions? Please contact Kathy Mandsager