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CAMPRI Oil Thickness

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 to Friday, November 15, 2019
New Jersey

Coordinating Recent Advances in Estimating and Measuring Oil Slick Thickness (CAMRPI)

Sponsored by NOAA Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R) via funding from Canada Oceans Protection Plan’s Multi-Partner Oil Spill Research Initiative (MPRI) in partnership with Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and hosted by the Coastal Response Research Center, University of New Hampshire.

This event includes a 2-day workshop on Wednesday & Thursday, November 13 & 14.  The Ohmsett event will be on Friday, November 15 (1/2 day).

Goals for this Project:CAMPRI participant photo

  • Bring together an international team of experts who are currently working largely independently to advance the collective ability to determine oil slick thickness and overall oil slick characterization.  This will allow researchers to: benefit from work conducted to date; understand and compare challenges and successes; build on completed research; and identify research gaps and plans to address them.

  • Move beyond discussions of methods’ strengths and weaknesses with a series of controlled experiments at BSEE’s Oil Spill Response Research and Renewable Energy Test facility in Leonardo (New Jersey) (the OHMSETT facility) to actually measure and compare various techniques for characterizing oil thickness.

  • Conduct field test various methods, based on the OHMSETT experiments, to determine field readiness levels and performance.

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Workshop Objectives, Nancy Kinner CRRC

Setting the Stage, Responder's Perspectives

Lisa DiPinto, NOAA OR&R; Dana Tulis, USCG; Jay Cho, BSEE; Robyn Conmy,U.S. EPA; Frank Monaldo, NOAA; James Hanzalik, Clean Gulf Associates; Scott Pegau PWS RCAC


NOAA NESDIS, Jerome Fisher

RADAR SAT 2, Gordon Staples, MDA Corporation

AVIRIS, Gregg Swayze, USGS

Aerial Platforms:

NASA UAV SAR, Frank Monaldo, NOAA

LiDAR, Robyn Conmy, U.S. EPA

Fixed Wing Multi-spectral system, Allessandro Vagata, FOTOTERRA

TRACS Multi Sensor System, Mark Hess, Ocean Imaging

Marine Scout Sensor, Scot Moyhr, MTEQ

PIXYS - Polarized Thermal Sensor, Davie Chenault, Polaris Sensor Technologies

Unmanned Aerial System, Oscar Garcia, Water Mapping, LLC

On or In the Water, Non-destructive:

Acoustics Thickness Sensors, Paul Panetta, Applied Research Associates

On or In the Water, Destructive:

Remotely Manned Surface Vehicle (RMSV), Tim Nedwed, ExxonMobil

Micro Thickness Sensor, Daniel Asmar, American University of Beirut

Capacitance Thickness Sensor, Daniel Asmar, American University of Beirut

Dip Plates and Sorbent Pads, Heather Forth, Abt Associates

Tube Sampler, Oscar Garcia, Water Mapping, LLC

Statistical Considerations, Philip Ramsey, University of New Hampshire

Additional Resources

Slick Thickness Characterization Based on Low Noise, Polarized Synthetic Aperture Radar, NASA Jet Propulsion Labroratory a BSEE Report

Development of an Oil Thickness Sensor Phase II, American University of Beirut a BSEE Report

System and Algorithm Development to Estimate Oil Thickness and Emulsification Through an UAS Platform, WaterMapping LLC a BSEE Report

Estimating Oil Slick Thickness with LiDAR Remote Sensing Technology, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory a BSEE Report



NOAA Fisheries Science Center

NEFSC James J. Howard
Marine Sciences Laboratory
74 Magruder Road, Sandy Hook
Highlands, NJ 07732
(732) 872-3000

Field Trip


NWS Earle Waterfront
801 State Route 36, Building R-24
Leonardo, NJ 07737
Ph 732-866-7183



Newark - ~36 miles

LaGuardia - ~60 miles

JFK - ~ 65 miles

Driving Directions:

From the South

From the North

Hotels (no blocks have been reserved):

Blue Bay Inn  (This is convenient to both of our locations (workshop and tour). Government rate is $120.  Walking distance to shops and eateries.)
51 First Avenue
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716


Due to federal facility security, all participants must be approved prior to attending the workshop and OHMSETT. Please use this visitor form here>>. 

Our Base Sponsor is: 

Mike Brennan
Ohmsett Liaison
U.S. Department of the Interior, BSEE
Naval Weapons Station Earle, Waterfront
Office: (732) 866-7055  Fax:(732) 866-7027

This form must be submitted directly to: Attention: Mike Brennan by Fax:(732) 866-7027

Planning Committee

Nancy Kinner, CRRC, UNH

Lisa DiPinto, NOAA OR&R

George Graettinger, NOAA OR&R

Kristi McKinney, BSEE

Philip Ramsey, UNH



Questions? Please contact Kathy Mandsager.