Oil Observing Tools Workshop

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Oil Observing Tools Workshop

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 to Thursday, October 22, 2015
Mobile, AL

 CRRC's Oil Observing Tools Workshop Final Report available here>>

Additional Resources:

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NOAA OR&R Spill Response Job-Aids/One-pagers:

Title Author/Source Year
Open Water Oil Identification Job Aid for Aerial Observation NOAA 2012
Guide to Delineation of Oil NOAA NESDIS 2009
OR&R/ERD Job-Aids (e.g., Overflight, Oil Identification, Shoreline Assessment) NOAA Ongoing

Reference Documents:

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Workshop Presentations (Day 1):

Nancy Kinner, Charlie Henry, George Graettinger Welcome and Overview

Plenary Session: Need for Oil Observing in Response:

Scott Lundgren, Chief Emergency Response Division NOAA ERD Need for Oil Observing in Response

Lt. James Litzinger, Strike Team USCG Need for Oil Observing in Response

Lisa DiPinto, Assessment and Restoration Division NOAA ARD Need for Oil Observing in Response

Plenary Session: Current Operational Programs:

Jeff Lankford, NOAA ERD NOAA ORR Oil Observing Program and Tools

Davida Streett, NOAA NESDIS MPSR and Remote Sensing for Surface Oil Assessment

Mark Thomas, USEPA ASPECT 

Cathleen Jones, NASA NASA Programs  

Plenary Session: Current Oil Observing Tools and Data Analysis:

SAR - Oscar Garcia, Water Mapping and Gordon Staples, MDA, Canada   

Landsat/TRACS - Mark Hess, Ocean Imaging and Kevin Hoskins, MSRC

AVIRIS Next Generation - Ira Leifer, Bubbleology Research International (presented by Chuanmin Hu)

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) - Jean Teo

Hands-On TrainingStations with Real Field Data

Traditional high resolution photography and video  



Night Vision Applications

Balloons and Vessels

Workshop Presentations (Day 2):

Plenary Session: New Technologies/New Applications

NASA Out-Year Planning & Expectations, Cathleen Jones

NRDA/Assessment Use:

DWH Multi-sensor Assessment, Jamie Holmes, Stratus Consulting

DWH SAR Applications, George Graettinger, NOAA ARD

UAS Potential Use & Limitations, Michele Jacobi, NOAA ORR ARD

KSAT - Multi-Mission Near Real-Time Satellite Imagery, Carles Debart

Remote Sensing Systems to Detect and Analyze Oil Spill on the Outer Continental Shelf, Derek Burrage, Naval Research Lab

Agenda: here>>

Participants: here>>

Additional Resources (post workshop): here>>



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Mobile AL 36608


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Participants: (invitation only)

NOTE: Foreign Travelers are required to submit this form.  Please send via fax to Kathy Mandsager at UNH 603.862.3957.  This must be recieved by October 1 for security approval to NOAA's Disaster Response Center.

Organizing Committee: 

George Graettinger, NOAA ORR

Charlie Henry, NOAA

Nancy Kinner, CRRC

Jeff Lankford, NOAA

Laura Belden, CRRC


Questions? Please contact kathy.mandsager@unh.edu (603.862.1545)