Remote Sensing/UAS Workshop - Part 2

This in-person workshop is sponsored by NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R) and the Disaster Preparedness Program, and hosted by the University of New Hampshire’s Coastal Response Research Center.


     September 10 & 11 (Tuesday and Wednesday) from 8:00 - 4:30 ET each day

     Optional outdoor field experiment on Thursday, September 12 (near Gregg Hall at the Facility for Outdoor Remote Sensing (FORT); located near the UNH Police Station)

Workshop Objectives

Overall Objective: Share standards and capabilities for remote sensing subcontractors in operational context.  How does one overcome barriers in contracting?
  1. What are the top operational needs for the use of remote sensing for ORR?
  2. What are other NOAA entities/partners doing with remote sensing and how can we partner with them or leverage their resources and knowledge to support ORR needs
  3. How can other NOAA entities/partners (e.g., protected resources, ONMS) assist ORR with its remote sensing needs in the realms of spill response, assessment/restoration, disaster response, marine debris, etc.? 
  4. Prioritized list of research needs. What's new? Lessons learned? 
  5. Ways to transition technologies into operations (e.g., spills, cases, projects)
  6. Where do our efforts overlap and can you help us/can we help you?


     University of New Hampshire
     Durham, NH 03824

     Meeting room: Memorial Union Building, Strafford Room

Details on campus (limited) parking here. But available for visitors at Campus Crossing Visitor Lot, on Mill Rd which is the nearest location to our meeting rooms.

Map of UNH here>>



      Agenda TBD


Participants/Invitees (please RSVP; limited number)


Presentations (post-event)





Steering Committee

     Nancy Kinner, Coastal Response Research Center, University of New Hampshire

     Charlie Henry, NOAA OR&R Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center

  •      Lisa DiPinto, NOAA OR&R

  •      Troy Baker, NOAA ORR ARD

  •      Jordan Stout, NOAA ORR ERD SSC

  •      Sarah Allan, NOAA ORR ARD

  •      George Graettinger, NOAA ORR SDB

  •      Peter Murphy, NOAA ORR MDP

  •      Amy Uhrin, NOAA ORR MDP

Questions? Please contact Kathy Mandsager