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Wednesday, September 28, 2011 to Thursday, September 29, 2011
Seattle, Washington

***New Update*** NOAA Office or Response & Restoration on ADIOS here>>


ADIOS3 is a response tool to aid the incident command in making the best response decisions, either during drills or actual events. It is not a research or damage assessment model.

Goals for Day 1: Extract from the experts their ideas on how best to model the various weathering processes, identifying consensus where it exists, possible potholes on the modeling road, and recommendations for possible research.

Goals for Day 2: Experts evaluate the proposed model structure and implementation plan for ADIOS3. We are looking for their recommendations and warnings applicable to the suggested approach.

ADIOS 2 Summary here>>

ADIOS 3 Concept of Operations here>>


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Welcome (Nancy Kinner)

ADIOS: History and Vision (Bill Lehr)

Goals and Process (Bill Lehr)

Source Strength (Debra Simecek-Beatty)

Evaporation (Robert Jones)

Emulsification (Merv Fingas, Lyman Young)

Dispersion (Michel Boufadel, Alberto Aliseda)

Dissolution (Ed Overton, Robert Jones, Michel Boufadel)

Sedimentation/Oil-Mineral Aggregation (Ali Kehlifa, Ira Leifer, Debra Simecek-Beatty)

Biodegradation (Michel Boufadel)

Day 2:

Possible Model Structure (Bill Lehr)

Web Interface (Sky Bristol)

Statistical Approach (Antonio Possolo)

Response Effectiveness and Impact (Dagmar Etkin)

Oil Library (Robert Jones)

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