The Future of Dispersant Use in Spill Response

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The Future of Dispersant Use in Spill Response

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 to Thursday, September 22, 2011
Mobile, Alabama

Meeting Goals

The subject of dispersant use will intensify the next time there is a significant spill in US waters and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) will again look to ORR and the National & Regional Response Teams for guidance. NOAA, as the primary scientific advisor to the USCG, needs to lead an evaluation of the observations and science conducted during the spill to build a fact-based consensus on the dispersant issues.

As an independent research center with expertise in oil spill research and restoration, CRRC is assisting NOAA to involve individuals and institutions, public and private, at local, regional, national and international levels in identifying dispersant research needs and furthering these research efforts.

This workshop will address the following topics:
• Dispersant efficacy and effectiveness
• Degradation of dispersants and dispersed oil
• Physical transport and chemical behavior of dispersed oil
• Biological effects of dispersants and dispersed oil on deep ocean & surface water species
• Dispersants and seafood safety
• Dispersants and human health
• Dispersants and risk communication

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White Papers

Biological Effects of Dispersants and Dispersed Oil on Surface and Deep Ocean Species (Tjeerdema, Bejarano, Edge)

Dispersant Efficacy and Effectiveness (Coolbaugh, McElroy)

Dispersants and Risk Communication (Levine, Picou)

Oil Dispersants and Human Health Effects (Fabisiak, Goldstein)

Degradation of Dispersants and Dispersed Oil (Lee)

Physical Transport and Chemical Behavior of Dispersed Oil (Payne, Beegle-Krause)

Dispersants and Seafood Safety-Assessment of the potential impact of COREXIT® oil dispersants on seafood safety (Dickey, Dickhoff)

Additional Resources

Oil Spill Dispersants: Efficacy and Effects (2005, National Research Council)

Research & Development Needs for Addressing the Human Dimensions of Oil Spills (A CRRC Workshop Report, 2006)

Research & Development Needs for Making Decisions Regarding Dispersing Oil (A CRRC Workshop Report, 2005)

Research & Development Priorities: Oil Spill Workshop (A CRRC Workshop Report, 2003)




NOAA Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center
The Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds
1035 North Cody Rd
Mobile, Alabama 


Mobile Marriott
3101 Airport Rd
Mobile, AL 36606
800.380.7971 or 251.476.6400


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Working Organizing Committee

Doug Helton, NOAA
Nancy Kinner, CRRC
Steve Lehmann, NOAA SSC
Amy McElroy, USCG
Robert Pond, USCG
Al Venosa, US EPA
Greg Wilson, US EPA

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