NOAA Disaster Recovery Support Workshop

Tuesday, August 10, 2021 to Wednesday, August 11, 2021
A Virtual Event


This virtual workshop, hosted by NOAA’s Disaster Preparedness Program and the University of New Hampshire’s Coastal Response Research Center will focus on how NOAA supports community and environmental needs after disasters through the Recovery Support Functions (RSF) outlined in the National Disaster Recovery Framework.

The objectives of this workshop are:

  • Understand the Recovery Support Functions (RSFs) and NOAA’s role in disaster recovery;
  • Become familiar with NOAA entities at the recovery support “table” and their office/program recovery interests and resources;
  • Identify key recovery opportunities for NOAA engagement; and
  • Outline next steps to enhance internal recovery coordination processes to address the key opportunities.


Tuesday, August 10 and Wednesday, August 11 (This is a 2-day event)
1-5 pm ET
Both days will be a 4-hour virtual interactive session


Steering Committee

  • Autumn Lotze, NOAA Disaster Preparedness Program
  • Nancy Kinner, CRRC, UNH
  • Lindy Betzhold, NOAA OCM
  • Charlie Henry, NOAA Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center
  • Kelly Samek, Sea Grant (Gulf Coast)
  • Sarah Latshaw, NOAA OR&R
  • Susan Pultz, NOAA OHC
  • Katherine Sheppard, NOAA OHC
  • William Whitmore, NOAA OR&R Northeast Region Scientific Support Coordinator/Regional Preparedness Coordinator (SSC/RPC)

Questions? Please contact Kathy Mandsager