Submerged Oil - State of the Practice

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Durham, New Hampshire

With the growing use of heavier crude oils and refined products, the percentage of subsurface oil spills has increased over the last decade. Submerged oils provide response challenges significantly different from those of floating oils. The Center, NOAA and the U.S. Coast Guard recognize these challenges and are committed to coordinating programs and leveraging resources to better address submerged oil issues.

The specific goals of the Submerged Oil Workshop were to identify research needs on submerged oil pertaining to containment and recovery, detection and monitoring, fate and transport, effects and restoration, and protection of water intakes.

Workshop Report

The Center is pleased to release the Submerged Oil-State of the Practice and Research Needs workshop report.

Workshop Details


Goals & Objectives

Group Task Sheet



Welcome & Introductions (Nancy Kinner & Amy Merten)

Plenary Talk: Case Studies of Submerged Oil Spills (Steve Lehmann)
Movie from Steve Lehmann's Presentation

Submerged Oil Overview (Jacqui Michel)

Biological Effects and Restoration for Submerged Oil Spills (Debbie French-McCay)

Reading Materials

NRC Report

Assessment and Recovery of Submerged Oil: Current State Analysis
Jacqueline Michel & Kurt Hansen

The National Research Council's Report: Oil Spill Dispersants: Efficacy and Effects

NRC: Spills of Nonfloating Oils: Risk and Response

Floating Heavy Oil Recovery: Current State Analysis
David Cooper & Kurt Hansen

Workshop Location

The New England Center, Durham, NH

Questions? Please contact: Kathy Mandsager at or 603.862.1545