Response to Liquid Asphalt Releases in Aquatic Environments

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meeting Goals

The goal of this workshop is to harness all of the existing resources and knowledge that is currently available on liquid asphalt releases, then to discuss & determine the research gaps in:

  1. characteristics, fate, behavior & modeling of liquid asphalt
  2. effects of asphalt
  3. mitigation techniques for spilled asphalt
  4. detection and recovery of liquid asphalt releases. A final report will be produced.




Characteristics of Asphalt (Jo Daniel)

Effects of Asphalt (Ralph Markarian)

Fate, Behavior and Modeling of spilled Asphalt (Chris Barker)

Mitigation Techniques for Spilled Asphalt (Steve Lehmann)

Detection of Submerged Asphalt (Kurt Hansen)

Recovery of Submerged Asphalt (Mike Popa)

Sprague Energy - Asphalt Spill-June 2, 2009 

Asphalt Cleanup (video)


AMOP 2007 "Heavy Oil Booming" SAIC Canada and Environment Canada (

Interspill 2009 "Research Efforts for Detection and Recovery of Submerged Oils" Kurt Hansen, USCG R&D Center

"Use of Current Buster in a Static Deployment" Lance Douglas, Alaska Clean Seas

Asphalt Spilt TradeWinds, 06.03.09

Waterways Council, "Petroleum and the Ohio River Navigation System"

US Army Corps of Engineers, Inland Waterway Navigation: Value to the Nation

Equiva Services - Material Safety Data Sheet

Chemical and Engineering News, What's that stuff? Asphalt

Asphalt: The Online Magazine of the Asphalt Institute An Overview of Storage and Handling of Asphalt 

USCG Acquisition Directorate Research & Development Center "Heavy Oil Detection (Prototypes) Final Report"

ITOPF (International Tankers Owners Pollution Federation) Resources - contact for more information.

Bitumen / Asphalt Bibliography (ITOPF Resource List)

Asphalt Seminole (Republic of Ireland, June 4, 2009) 

Research & Development Report, CEDRE (report is in French, see page 4) May 2007

Bitumens and Bitumen Derivative, CONCAWE’s Petroleum Products and Health Management Groups, December 1992

Trials of Recovery & Cleanup Techniques on Bituman Derived from Orimulsion (IOSC 1997)

Algerian Tanker Oued Gueterini Bitumen Spill, December 1986

Response to the Rio Orinoco Incident: A Small-Scale Incident that Lasted a Whole Year. Canadian Coast Guard, 1993 Oil Spill Conference

Working Organizing Committee

Phil Chase,
Kurt Hansen,
Elizabeth Hernberg,
Nancy Kinner,
Steve Lehmann,
Amy Merten, 

Questions? Please contact (603.862.1545)